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Dangerous is a neo-noire television pilot set in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Based on Greek mythology, the pilot explores themes like justice and religion in a southern gothic setting.


Theo Troezen is a religious vigilante in search of a Father he never knew. After being given a prophecy that he'd use all six bullets in his revolver (the only thing his father ever gave him), Theo makes his way through the deep mountains, dispensing his own form of justice. However, after being injured in a gunfight, Theo takes refuge at the backwoods Procter Motel. Little does he know, the motel's sweet-as-pie owner, Polly Procter, is a serial killer bent on seducing, torturing, and killing all the men who stay at her establishment. Also at the motel is Lilly Procter, Polly's niece and captive, who is forced to take part in her Aunt's murders. Theo and Lilly are changed by their interactions and immediate connection. Lilly has to decide if she'll take her life into her hands, and save herself from her misfortunes. Whereas Theo confronts his own philosophy, do all evildoers truly deserve to die for their acts?


Dangerous melds together mythological fantasy and modern, gritty, realism to make the audience feel like they're being told an ancient tale through the lens of the modern eyes. 

The first draft of Dangerous was written in 2019 and, after being highly acclaimed in the competition circuit, raised a production budget of $20,000 via crowd funding. The project was shot in California in 2021 and completed in 2022.

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Behind the Scenes

The Show

Six Episodes for Six Bullets

In the style of shows like Supernatural, True Detective, Fargo, and Justified

Budgeting 2-4m / Episode  

Theo and Lilly's journey take them to Athens, Georgia.


Along the way we learn how Theo's first bullet was used, the horrors he's seen on the road, and how his journey began as a Fatherless coal miner living in squalor.

Lilly's has to learn to live in a world outside the Procter Motel, coming to face to face with both the good and bad of life. She has to choose a future for herself, despite the blossoming relationship between herself and Theo.

Theo's quest to slay evildoers is in conjunction with a quest to find his Father, famous televangelist Billy Aegen. In Athens, Billy lives comfortably wealthy with a new family, his evangelical organization supporting militia groups and criminals plaguing the region.


Theo must decide if his last bullet is, in fact, meant for his own Father.

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