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Actor Reels

We have a simply philosophy at Hot Lunch Productions; story first.

Our reels are comprised of clips from scenes that are written and customized for the actor. When you work with us you'll always receive a full scene and a 20-second clip for Actor's Access.

We understand that this is one of the only times in your career as an actor where you'll be able to choose what kind of actor you are and what types of characters you are going to play.

This isn't just an actor reel package. Each scene is a micro-film - starring you.

Rentable Crew

Hire our expert crew to come shoot your scene! 


You provide the location, the script, and the actors. And we provide the crew and gear! We’ll even color the footage for you!

Clip Show

For actors who need reel footage fast. Three monologues with the custom writing and beautiful visuals that Hot Lunch Productions is known for. You’ll receive three 20 second fully produced clips perfect for Actor’s Access. As well as a cut reel of your work.

Character Showcase

For actors looking to make a mark on this industry. Custom written, custom produced, made just for you. We’ll take care of everything from casting to the final edit and make your character come to life in a 3-4 minute scene.

Dream Reel

Walk away from our time together with a fully edited reel. Complete with two custom scenes created and shot by us. This package includes highlight clips for your casting profiles as well as an edited reel.


The Career builder

The ultimate actor reel package. For actors creating their brand from scratch or looking for a major overhaul. Three custom scenes, highlight clips, an onset makeup artist, and BTS Photos and Stills for your social media.

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