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Stories that connect are stories that sell.

Hot Lunch Productions is happy to offer their blend of narrative storytelling for businesses that are looking to advertise. Whether that be through social media advertisements and content creation, or landing page and long-form commercials. Contact us to use your story to sell your product.

Business Budget Commercial
Starting at $6,000

A high quality video sales pitch that introduces potential clients to your service, and what sets you apart. Perfect for landing pages.

Industry Standard Commercial
Starting at $15,000

Capture attention and enthrall your audience with a fully produced video using story and eye catching visuals to present your service in the best possible light.

Suitable for landing pages, social media advertisement, and you tube. 

Social Media Advertisments
Starting at $1,500/Month

In today's market, social media advertisement is a must. At Hot Lunch, we've got you covered, creating effective advertisements and running your ad accounts for you.

Social Media Content
Starting at $1,500/Month

Over 70% of your customers are going to look up your company on social media before buying your product. If you want to keep ahead of the market, you'll need consistent and engaging social media content. 


Short Form Content